Snapfriend to Snapfuck – How To Get Laid On Snapchat


Millennials use a wide variety of apps to meet people and hookup, but one app in particular seems to be a favorite: Snapchat. You know, the app where you can send someone a nude that will erase itself completely from the annals of the internet once the timer on the snap expires (unless the bastard screenshot it, then you’re screwed).

Snapchat is a discreet way to hookup with your friends, but there are some snapchat hookup secrets you should know before embarking on such an endeavor in order to make it a success. Welcome, you’ve discovered a guide on how to get laid on Snapchat — it’s time to turn your Snapfriends into Snapfucks.

If you ask some Snapchat players what their methods are, you’ll get varied answers, and not every method will work for you (or work at all). Luckily for you, this is a definitive guide to get laid on Snapchat, and if you put this into practice, you’ll see results, if you know what I mean.

First off, you should decide who to send a snap to — is it going to be someone you’ve hooked up with before, or are you going to start fresh? If it’s someone you’ve already hooked up with, you shouldn’t have much difficulty in getting a snap from them; all you need to do is send a slightly suggestive snap and say that you’re bored in the caption, and that should be enough to grab their attention.

If you haven’t hooked up with a Snapchat friend or don’t want to go fishing in old ponds, you’re gonna have to do it a little differently: pick out a friend you’ve had your eye on or think you could get with, and send them a snap of you looking decent, and include a caption like, “Bored, what are you up to?” Oh, and make sure you send this at night, as they are only going to think you want to hangout if you send it during their lunch; Snapchatters know what’s up after dark, so send it then.

An important, yet overlooked aspect of hooking up with Snapchat friends is setting the right time limit on viewing snaps; if you send a ten-second dick pic, it should be worth that ten seconds. You may send an ugly snap to friends that’s only two seconds long, but that’s not enough if you’re trying to turn Snapfriends into Snapfucks, so make sure your snaps last from 3-5 seconds; it’s long enough to get a look, but still leaves you wanting more.

Three to five seconds is enough time for the receiver to view it, but it’s short enough to where they’ll wish they had more time, and then they’ll be waiting on that next snap from you; it’s all about creating that sense of desire in your potential Snapfuck.

Okay, so you’ve gotten past the introduction stage and have moved into suggestive snap territory — you have moved far, my underling, but there is still a ways to go. Let’s continue.

When you’re texting a potential boyfriend/girlfriend/hookup, it’s a general rule to not send a text until they’ve sent one back (no double-dipping!); Snapchat is no different, so hold your horses before you send another snap. This is a game that you’ve got to play, even if you’re the type who prefers to get right to the point.

If you can’t wait for them to respond before sending another snap, you’ll only come off as thirsty, and that’s not very appealing to those on the receiving end of your advances. For all you know she (or he) is trying to get their snap just right, optimizing it for peak attractiveness, so be patient, play it cool, and you will be rewarded.

On a similar note, don’t open their snaps right away when they pop up in your notifications, as you’ll only look thirstier than someone stranded in a desert. Just like when you’re texting a potential bae, don’t read it immediately, and don’t respond right away; let them get anxious for your snap, and you start to move into a position of power in the relationship (remember, this is a game that you have to play if you want to win).

Damn, look at that booty… Okay, so you’ve just gotten confirmation that they are interested in hooking up, although you haven’t quite reached that point. Both of you know what’s up, but I wouldn’t head over to their place just yet; there is still some work to do.

Are you planning on seeing this person more than once, or are you just trying to hit it and quit it? This is important, as both people need to be on the same page when it comes to sex; you don’t want any confusion on the nature of your relationship together, so make your intentions clear from the beginning.

Your ultimate goal is to find someone to hookup with, but if you plan on sleeping with this person just once, you should convey that idea to them through what you say in your snaps. Essentially what you’re doing here is saying things like, “what are you doing tonight?” to help convey your intent to sleep with them just this one time.

If you want to hookup with your Snapfuck more than once, don’t focus on “tonight” too much, although you do want to make it clear that you want to hookup tonight, so stick to flirting and getting them to come over to your place. Help them build the idea that you want to hookup more than one time, rather than being obvious about it; when they convince themselves they want to hookup with you, you’ve got it made.

As long as you play it cool and keep them interested, you should be able to hookup with your Snapfriend and turn them into a Snapfuck.

So here’s a quick review: pick your target, get your timer game on point, don’t read or respond to their snaps immediately, and lastly, help them build the idea that they want to sleep with you. It’s not an easy task, I’ll tell you that, but if you give it some practice and work out a routine that works for you, you should be able to turn any Snapfriend into a Snapfuck.